Solar PV

Solar Water Treatment Process

Solar energy for water treatment process to produce clean water.

Solar water treatment process is a process to make clean water from brakish or sea water using solar energy as energy source. This system uses brakish water reverse osmosis membrane technology. The following is workflow of this system.

Solar Cold Storage

Cold storage system using solar energy, usually for fisherman around coast

Cooling Storage System is an equipment which is used to store variety of foods, such as fish, meat, vegetables, fruits, and for ice maker. The form of this equipment is a room or portable box. Refrigeration system is a hea

Solar Ice Maker

Solar power system as energy source to make block ice for fisherman

Solar Ice Maker was necessary to assess different ice making technologies regarding their applicability within an automatic PV-system. The technology had to be highly energy efficient, tolerant of variations of the energy

Solar Power Monitoring System

Solar Power Monitoring System is a system to monitor performance of solar power plant in realtime based on web.

Monitoring system is for find out system performance whether it is appropriate with specification and can work well. Monitoring can be done anywhere, anytime with internet connection. For the site which in remote area, monitoring system can save money and time to check directly t

BTS Solar

BTS Solar is a solar cell application on telecommunication sector, that is as energy source on BTS (Base Transceiver Station) which is in remote area which doesn't get electrical network (PLN).

It is difficult to get a supply of electricity for operation of Base Transceiver Station (BTS) in remote areas. The reason is too expensive to build fuel power plant and too difficult to access location (sites). The solut