Solar Ice Maker

Solar power system as energy source to make block ice for fisherman

Solar Ice Maker was necessary to assess different ice making technologies regarding their applicability within an automatic PV-system. The technology had to be highly energy efficient, tolerant of variations of the energy supply and applicable with automatic control. Ice harvest and ice storage had to be taken into account. Different types of ice making processes were investigated and the production of crushed ice was found to be the most suitable.

With this technology the refrigerant evaporates inside stainless steel evaporator plates which are sprayed with water (direct evaporation process). In order to harvest the ice the refrigeration cycle is reversed and the evaporator plate is heated for some seconds. The produced ice falls directly into the storage box underneath the ice machine. Flexibility in regards to variations in the energy supply (e.g. little solar radiation in the morning, high solar radiation at noon) is achieved by the use of one to four plates that can operate simultaneously.