BTS Solar

BTS Solar is a solar cell application on telecommunication sector, that is as energy source on BTS (Base Transceiver Station) which is in remote area which doesn't get electrical network (PLN).

It is difficult to get a supply of electricity for operation of Base Transceiver Station (BTS) in remote areas. The reason is too expensive to build fuel power plant and too difficult to access location (sites). The solution is using renewable enegy, like solar energy. It it because in tropical country like Indonesia, sunlight is annually. The use solar PV as alternative energy sources is an attempt to ensure the availability of power supply required for operation of the BTS. Especiallly for remote areas where the availability of electricity is still very minimum. Moreover, parts of Indonesia is an archipelago with geographic variations.

The use of solar PV as an energy source for BTS is very possible and suitable to be applied to the construction of base stations in areas with poor electricity supply. Costs for operation and maintenance of Solar BTS is far cheaper than the base stations that use generators. The operator simply spending more for the procurement of solar PV and the rather broad area in the earlydevelopment of BTS.