Turbine Cross-Flow T-14 D300

Development from type SKAT-12 with efficiency guarantee 76%.

T-14 D300 is further development from type SKAT T-12. T-14 D300 has operated well and got sertification from Entec AG for domestic market nor export. This is one type of Microhydro Indonesia that we develop. 

T-14 D300 has guarantee 76% in best operation point, lazer cutting for profile runner disk, material runner option, and guide vane: mild steel or stainless steel (optional), guide vane option: manual/flow control, shaft option: single/double drive. T-14 D300 is cross-flow turbine which has more reability than previously.

T-14 D300 is equipped with dismantling joint for ease installing on penstock and ease when overhaul needed on turbine. Diameter and Pressure Rating dismantling joint is made on demand.

We provide installing manual book, operated, and maintenance. T-14 D300 is turbine which easy to install, easy operational and maintenance. Pre-load test before turbine sent, always equipped with spare parts, guarantee 1 year, and after sale service.

Application on Low Head especially in full load condition (full debit), must be recognized that efficiency cross-flow turbine is not as good as propeller turbine, but in part load condition (part debit) has proved that efficiency cross-flow turbine is better than propeller turbine. In condition 20% debit, efficiency cross-flow turbine still above 70%, while propeller turbine only work in condition debit more than 60% (see Microhydro Design Manual page 156, Adam Harvey, ITDG 1993).