Turbine Cross-Flow T-15 D500

Design of T-15 D500 is same with T-14 D300, but the difference is T-15 D500 has diameter runner 500 mm.

T-15 D500 is the latest cross-flow turbine which produced with diameter runner 500 mm. Basically T-15 D500 design is same with T-14 D300 design because there isn't the difference profile hydraulics from the turbine significantly between T-15 and T-14. This is one type of Microhydro Indonesia that we develop.

T-15 D500 bo=1260 mm for Microhydro Power Plant (PLTMH) Melong, currently the biggest cross-flow turbine in terms of dimensions that have been made by manufacturing in Indonesia.

With the ability to 400 kW per unit, then T-15 D500 is alternative turbine for generator scale minihydro (over 200 kW) which nowdays still dominated by Francis Turbine.

Application on Medium Head especially in full load condition (full debit), must be recognized that efficiency cross-flow turbine is not as good as francis turbine, but in part load condition (part debit) has proved that efficiency cross-flow turbine is better than francis turbine. In condition 20% debit, efficiency cross-flow turbine still above 70%, while francis turbine only work in condition debit more than 50% (see Microhydro Design Manual page 156, Adam Harvey, ITDG 1993).