ELC-SINKRO is a governor hidrolic-electric for micro-mini hydro power plant for interconnect system with PLN network.

This is one type of controller Microhydro Indonesia that we develop.

Main Features

  • With ballast load system which is controlled by ELC then synchronization process with PLN network can be performed easily without flywheel. Ballast load only required for synchronization process or when full load rejection. Combination between load protection via ballast load and followed closing guide vane turbine via Turbine Actuator (TA) is a solution to overcome water hammer which usually occurs conventional governor.
  • Combination between Turbine Actuator with Water Level Probe result turbine always can be operated on optimal opening set point, especially when supply debit water below debit minimal.
  • Operational total generator (start, run, standby, and stop) can be performed automatically without operator. If occurs disruption on PLN network, then after disconnect generator will standby and running with minimal power. After PLN network return to normal, so automatically generator will interconnect again and running with optimal power.
  • Standard feature to protect generator: reverse power, under/over frequency, over/under voltage, unbalance current, over speed shutdown.
  • Standard feature to protect network (grid): mains failure, vector jump/phase shift, over/under frequency, over/under voltage.
  • Standard feature to controlling: speed, voltage, power factor, synchronization, automatic shutdown in term of failure ELC or over speed turbine.
  • Standard feature to metering: voltage, frequency, ampere, cos phi, kW, kVA, kVAr, hour, and speed.

Optional Features

  • Protection : temperature protection on generator and bearing.
  • Controlling : remote control station, scada connection, and automatic cleaning rack.
  • Metering : water level, temperature, and data logger