ELC-SINKRO on Local Grid

ELC-SINKRO is solution for setting and work priority power plant on local grid.

This is one type of controller Microhydro Indonesia that we develop. Power demand is tends to increase and fluctuating. Potential of generator often can't serve power demand, so parallel work inter-plant (local grid) absolutely required. ELC-SINKRO with feature protection and controlling based on digital technology is reliable solution, simple, and cheap to overcome complexity interconnection system on local grid (interconnection small scale). With ELC-SINKRO, controlling and work priority a generator on local grid is easily. Hydro and cheap renewable energy like wind, can be placed as priority, while diesel only back up and can supply power automatically if there is additional power demand. Thus if reduced water debit, hydro turbine can be operated on optimum opening set point according to the available debit/flow, so can reduce diesel load. This is not easy if use conventional governor.

Combination between ELC-SINKRO with ILC (Intellegent Load Controller) on local grid in agricultural area is solution to using energy optimally. If supply power is over, then automatically ILC will turn on secondary load, so no energy is wasted. In general microhydro nor minihydro power plant is plant with type run off river, that is if power demand from primary load down, then it isn't guide vane turbine will reduced, water flow to turbine also reduced and water will overflow useless through spill way or intake weir.