Assessment of Gas Station (SPBG) Needs and Distribution in DKI Jakarta

Consultant of gas station planning in DKI Jakarta

Improvement of Telkom Hotspot Operation Center System

Repair operation center system and build dashboard system.

MHP Cikahuripan, Ciwidey, West Java

Microhydro Power Plant 2 x 120 kW, Indonesia

Power : 2 x 120 kW, under nett head 62 m & discharge 2 x 300 litres/secTurbine : 2 x Cross-Flow T-14 D300 Bo160Location

MHP Melong, Subang, West Java

Microhydro Power Plant 2 x 50 kW, Indonesia 2005

Power : 2 x 50 kW, under nett head 6 m & discharge 2 x 1230 litres/secTurbine : 2 x Cross-Flow T-15 D500 Bo1260Generator

MHP Kali Maron, Mojokerto, East Java

Microhydro Power Plant 28 kW, Indonesia

Power : 28 kW, under nett head 14 m & discharge 315 litres/sec Turbine : X-Flow T-14 D300 Bo350Location

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