Microhydro Workshop

Microhydro turbine is "tailor made". We make a lot of microhydro turbines and expert on cross flow.

We've produced many turbines, more than 200 turbines. Our turbine has been used in many area in Indonesia and overseas countries, like Japan, UK, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Nepal, Zaire, Madagascar, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, and many more. We manufacture kind of turbines below:
  • Cross Flow - up to 800 kW (ready made product)
  • Pelton - up to 1000 kW (ready made product)
  • Kaplan - up to 500 kW (by request)
  • Francis - up to 2000 kW (by request)
We have microhydro turbines workshop in Komplek LIK B-30 & B-78, Bandung, Indonesia. The facilities are:
  • 800 m2 Area
  • 7 Lathe Machines
  • 7 Milling Machines
  • 5 Shaping Machines
  • 3 Slotting Machines 
  • Balancing Machine
  • Etc.

Training and Workshop

We have microhydro training center and gallery. Training program include syllabus of microhydro and practical to learn about microhydro system, such as turbines, control panel, electrical, mechanical etc. We also have workshop which manufacture a lot of microhydro turbines that have already been exported to many countries, like Japan, UK, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Malaysia, Thailand and many more.